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The International Summer Work Camp

Photo caption: Italian volunteer Paolo spends time with some local kids from Aida Camp. Every summer, the Lajee Center hosts an eclectic bunch of individuals from all over the world as part of the International Summer Work Camp. Established in 2001, the camp provides attendees with a first-hand experience of life inside Occupied Palestine as […]

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Workshops and Fieldtrips…

Salam everybody! Hope things are good with you. Here, although it’s summer time and extremely hot, things are a-buzzing. Daz Chandler is back and another round of Radio Lajee media training workshops is currently underway with Radio Lajee’s Layan Al Azzeh, Shoroq Assad, Hiba Al Azraq and Mohammad Waleed at the helm. We’ve spent many […]

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Get to know our crew…

Hi everybody, Some exciting news… The Radio Lajee team has successfully completed their first ever exercise in podcasting with gusto! Our enthusiastic podcasters aged 11 to 22 years, were each asked to produce a short recording to introduce themselves and communicate their plans for the future. Get to know our crew here

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Thanks for stopping by…

Salaam! Welcome to Radiolajee.com, the home of a unique series of podcasts created by an eclectic (and enthusiastic) team of Palestinian refugees aged between 10 and 22 years. You’ll notice that at present, there’s actually nothing here for you to listen to… Why? Well, as Karen Carpenter once whinnied, this podcasting project has “only just […]

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