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Here in Palestine, coffee is a MAJOR part of our life. We drink it first thing in the morning, second thing in the morning, after lunch, whenever people come to visit, at work during meetings, to resolve disputes, at weddings, at funerals…Yep, we pretty much drink it all the time. In Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and [...]

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How To Make Knafe

We think that Knafe is easily one of the most delicious desserts in all the world so we are very proud that it is also Palestinian. When we were in Nablus, the home of Knafe, we went to Al-Bashir sweet shop on El-Hessbe street to see how it was done. Enjoy the [...]

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Radio Lajee’s own “celebrity chef”, Amal Abu Srour, returns with another mouthwatering dish that you can prepare at home. This time, it’s a Palestinian classic - maqlouba.

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Click Here To Show TranscriptMarhabba again, welcome back! Today I will make for you Maqlouba – Maqlouba is the most popular dish here in Palestine. Maqlouba in Arabic uses [...]

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Move over Jamie Oliver, Radio Lajee now has its very own celebrity chef!
Meet 23-year old Amal Abu Srour, a trainee human rights lawyer with a keen passion for cooking and an uncanny knack of preparing delicious Palestinian dishes time and time again. In this, her first podcast, Amal teaches us how to make the Palestinian [...]

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