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My Nakba

1948 was the year when 700.000 Palestinians were expelled from their villages, and 413 villages were destroyed completely by the Zionist militias. In the following podcast you will hear interviews by two Palestinian refugees telling their personal story of how they were excluded from their village, became refugees and ended up in Aida Camp. The […]

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Personal stories like this one are extremely difficult to tell, but the telling is very important. It’s taken a long time for Radio Lajee’s Mohammad Qassim to finish this post and it’s been well worth the wait.

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First Impressions of Palestine from radio lajee on Vimeo. Each year, a number of internationals visit Palestine for the first time as part of the Lajee Center’s International Summer Workcamp. Radio Lajee spoke with some of this year’s participants to find out what surprised them most about their experiences here. This video was produced by […]

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In 1948 the year of the Nakba, Afif Gatasha was just six months old. In this recording, he shares the very personal and moving story of his life from then until now. Sound recording: Layan Al Azza

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Click Here To Show Transcript I want to speak about myself – how my family left our […]

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In this edition, 18 year old Layan Azza asks her grandfather what Aida Camp was like when he arrived there as a boy 60 years ago, and was forced to live and study in makeshift tents. She then compares it with the present day camp which has become a virtual small town with houses that […]

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