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Here in Palestine, coffee is a MAJOR part of our life. We drink it first thing in the morning, second thing in the morning, after lunch, whenever people come to visit, at work during meetings, to resolve disputes, at weddings, at funerals…Yep, we pretty much drink it all the time. In Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and […]

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In 1948 the year of the Nakba, Afif Gatasha was just six months old. In this recording, he shares the very personal and moving story of his life from then until now. Sound recording: Layan Al Azza

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Click Here To Show Transcript I want to speak about myself – how my family left our […]

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18-year old Mohamad Waleed, aka Mousa, wanted to produce a story about the controversial Israeli Separation Wall, which is hardly surprising given it surrounds two sides of Aida Refugee Camp in which he lives. What is surprising however, is the way he decided to present his story; electing to write a play about a cavalier […]

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A DAY IN THE LIFE by Saja Ajarma

Like all teenagers, 14 year old Saja Ajarma, is concerned about how other people perceive her. Specifically the western world…She wants people to understand that she, like all of her friends, are normal kids – with the same past times, dreams and interests, as other youth living outside of the West Bank. That is why […]

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