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Embroidered dresses are an important part of Palestinian culture and history. Dating back to ancient history, women have been hand making beautiful dresses. Once an indicator of class and marital status, the dresses have now become a more symbolic costume to remember Palestinian culture and keep the tradition alive. In this piece, Sondos Nidal talks [...]

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Since the beginning of the Intifada, Palestinians with West Bank or Gaza Identity Cards have needed to obtain permits from the Israeli Intelligence in order to enter Jerusalem. Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, has important prayer sites for Muslims, Christians, and Jews. In this clip, 15 year-old Rania Roomi, talks about dreams of one [...]

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I have written this piece because I want everyone to know about Ghassan Kanfani. He put something in my heart and made me feel proud about being Palestinian.

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Story by Athal Al Azza
Music by Le Trio Joubran
photo accessed from   http://www.bintjbeil.com/articles/2003/ar/0709_bazzi.html

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Here in Palestine, coffee is a MAJOR part of our life. We drink it first thing in the morning, second thing in the morning, after lunch, whenever people come to visit, at work during meetings, to resolve disputes, at weddings, at funerals…Yep, we pretty much drink it all the time. In Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and [...]

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Sound recording: Layan Al Azza
In the last six months alone, 1,118 Palestinians have been arrested by Israeli soldiers. 90% of these individuals have been imprisoned.
It’s an extremely important issue that sadly affects everyone living in Palestine. If they haven’t spent time in jail themselves, their brother, sister, mother, father or cousin has. With that in [...]

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